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How to Manage Time Effectively?

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  26-Jul-2023 | Drishti CUET

It is rightly said by Benjamin Franklin,

“The lost time is never found again.”

We as human beings often do not pay importance to time management. We either neglect prioritization altogether or persistently engage in procrastination. In the current era of modernization, the youth keep themselves engaged through social media. While scrolling down through the Instagram reels, they never realize how much time they have wasted. This ends up making them very less productive and they are not able to succeed in their lives. We should pay attention to the true significance of time management because it can change our lives completely. It plays a crucial role in everyone’s life whether he is a student or an employee. Excellent time management results in increased productivity, greater focus, less distraction, and the establishment of work-life balance. If you want to move towards the right path of success by learning time management, this article is meant for you.

Here are a few tips one should follow to manage their time for increased productivity:

1. Buckle up With Your Goals

Before starting with your tasks for a specific day, set up your goals. The human brain tends to work more efficiently when the person is clear with some specific goals he is supposed to fulfill. Setting up goals helps in keeping an exact idea of the tasks one is supposed to do within a specific time.

For example: If we consider the case of a student, then this can be done by setting up a goal of studying a specific number of chapters in a single day.

2. Learn to Prioritize

The ability to prioritize is one of the major weaknesses of people, but if done correctly then it can be the strongest weapon too. It is one of the most crucial elements of time management, which helps in attaining stability while working. If one sets his priorities right and has a clear image of what task is supposed to be carried out first, then nothing can stop them from becoming a better person in personal and professional life.

3. Deadline is Significant

Set up deadlines for yourself and complete them within the stipulated time period. Adhering to deadlines helps in multiple ways. It prepares your mind for tackling such situations in future. You can also save a lot of time by sticking to the deadlines you set for yourself.

4. Have a Break

Never overstrain yourself while working and always understand the importance of small breaks. Take small breaks of 5-10 minutes and during that break do something that refreshes your mind. Either listen to music or go for a walk or do whatever you love to do. According to research, breaks can improve your moods, overall wellbeing, and performance ability.

5. Drop the Dispensable

Learn to refuse and eliminate the non-essential tasks from your plan. It would consume your efforts with no fruitful results. Instead, you can spend some time with yourself and give more time to your priorities. This would save your energy and lots of time which can be utilized in some other ways.