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Maitri Singh

Maitri Singh is a fellow at Digital Empowerment Foundation and a post-graduate in English Literature from Ambedkar University, Delhi. Backed with her minor in Political science, she often delves into the matters concerning politics and history with a keen eye. 

Chemistry in Everyday Life: Exploring the Hidden Science Around Us

  09-May-2024 | Maitri Singh

Chemistry and Everyday Life When we think of chemistry, words such as chemicals, test tubes, beakers, burners, solutions etc come to our mind....

Echoes of Sacrifice: Remembering the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre

  15-Apr-2024 | Maitri Singh

In the chapters of Modern Indian history, certain events stand out as stark reminders of the price paid for freedom. Among them, the Jallianwala Bagh...

Beyond Ink: Celebrating World Braille Day

  05-Jan-2024 | Maitri Singh

World Braille Day is celebrated every year on 4th January to raise awareness about the importance of braille in communication for individuals who are...

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