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Arifa Nadeem


Innovative Conservation Strategies for Preserving Tropical Regions

  25-Jun-2024 | Arifa Nadeem

The tropical regions receive more heat energy from the sun than other latitudes, hence the air in this region is generally warmer. Tropical areas are...

Digital Citizenship and Online Safety

  21-Feb-2024 | Arifa Nadeem

The internet is an excellent resource for gaining knowledge, socialising, and making valuable connections. However, it is a double-edged blade that...

Rising Tides, Sinking Shores: Coastal Flooding and Climate Change

  30-Jan-2024 | Arifa Nadeem

This blog addresses the critical issue of coastal flooding and its connection to climate change. Human activity in coastal locations is being...

Healthy Lifestyle for CUET Success

  21-Nov-2023 | Arifa Nadeem

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial for academic success, including preparing for the CUET (Common University Entrance Test) or any other...

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