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Digital Citizenship and Online Safety

  21-Feb-2024 | Arifa Nadeem

The internet is an excellent resource for gaining knowledge, socialising, and making valuable connections. However, it is a double-edged blade that...

Bharat Bhasha: Navigating the Linguistic Mosaic of India

  09-Feb-2024 | Tanmaya Kshirsagar

Introduction The linguistic mosaic of India is an extremely diverse reality, manifested through the versatility of multiple languages, dialects and...

Rising Tides, Sinking Shores: Coastal Flooding and Climate Change

  30-Jan-2024 | Arifa Nadeem

This blog addresses the critical issue of coastal flooding and its connection to climate change. Human activity in coastal locations is being...

Empowering India’s Future: Unveiling the Significance of National Youth Day

  22-Jan-2024 | Akai Negi

National Youth Day, designated annually on January 12th, emerges as a pivotal event in India's socio-political landscape. This day is intricately...

The Crucial Role of Extracurricular Activities in Student Development

  16-Jan-2024 | Riya

In the pursuit of academic excellence, students often find themselves engrossed in textbooks, lectures, and examinations. While academic achievement...

Beyond Ink: Celebrating World Braille Day

  05-Jan-2024 | Maitri Singh

World Braille Day is celebrated every year on 4th January to raise awareness about the importance of braille in communication for individuals who are...

Utilising Demographic Dividend

  29-Dec-2023 | Priyanka Todariya

India stands at the precipice of a transformative era, armed with a formidable demographic dividend. Projections indicate an increase of 240 million...

Understanding the Surge in Earthquake Frequencies in India

  26-Dec-2023 | Riya

Brief Overview of Seismic Activity in India India, situated at the convergent boundary of the Indian and Eurasian tectonic plates, experiences...

Early Warning Systems and Preparedness

  28-Nov-2023 | Jess Doshi

Disaster management requires many early warning systems and preparedness to ensure the most minor damage done to life and property. Structured...

Healthy Lifestyle for CUET Success

  21-Nov-2023 | Arifa Nadeem

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial for academic success, including preparing for the CUET (Common University Entrance Test) or any other...

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