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Current Affairs (14th March, 2024)

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India Tops Global Arms Imports

  • India retains its position as the world's largest arms importer. Over the period spanning 2019 to 2023, the country accounted for a notable 9.8% of the overall global arms imports.
  • Recent statistics from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) indicate a 4.7% escalation in India's arms imports between the periods of 2014-2018 and 2019-2023.

PM participates in ‘India’s Techade: Chips for Viksit Bharat’ Program

  • Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi via video conferencing participated in the 'India’s Techade: Chips for Viksit Bharat' program.
  • In the event he inaugurated three semiconductor projects collectively valued at approximately Rs 1.25 lakh crores.
  • The unveiled facilities include a Semiconductor fabrication unit at the Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR) in Gujarat, an Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test (OSAT) facility in Morigaon, Assam, and another OSAT facility in Sanand, Gujarat.

Japan's First Private-Sector Rocket ‘Kairos’

  • In a setback to Japan's aspirations to enter the commercial space industry, a rocket lauded as the nation's first private-sector venture to achieve orbit suffered an explosion shortly after liftoff.
  • The Space One rocket, developed by Japanese startup Space One Co., met a fiery demise mere moments after its maiden launch from Space Port Kii in western Japan.
  • Named Kairos, which translates to "the right moment" in ancient Greek, the rocket was tasked with carrying a government satellite. Kairos aimed to deploy the satellite in orbit.

India Notches MIRV Tech Success in Agni-V Firing

  • India accomplished the first flight test of the domestically developed Agni-V missile featuring Multiple Independently Targetable Re-entry Vehicle (MIRV) technology.
  • During the test, India launched the Agni-V missile equipped with three MIRVs, covering a distance exceeding 3000 km, notwithstanding the missile's capability to reach distances of up to 5000 km.
  • The missile's nomenclature, "Agni," is indicative of its MIRV functionality, as its warheads separate in space, while upon re-entry into the atmosphere, the missile resembles a fiery ball due to friction, traveling at a speed of approximately six kilometers per second.

Yoga Mahotsav 2024

  • On 13th March 2024, Yoga Mahotsav 2024 took place at Vigyan Bhawan, marking the 100-day countdown to IDY-2024.
  • The event, aligned with this year's International Day of Yoga (IDY) theme "Yoga for Women Empowerment," celebrated the upcoming 10th edition of IDY, observed annually on June 21st.
  • Yoga Mahotsav 2024 aims to propel yoga into a widespread movement focused on enhancing women's well-being and promoting global health and peace.
  • The Ministry has been actively involved in supporting studies addressing various health conditions affecting women, such as PCOS/PCOD and stress management, with a commitment to promoting women's health regardless of age or circumstance.

R Ashwin Becomes No. 1 bowler

  • Off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin ascended to the pinnacle of the International Cricket Council (ICC) Test Rankings, replacing Jasprit Bumrah.
  • This marks Ashwin's return to the No. 1 spot, a position he previously held until January 2024, as per the latest rankings update on 13th March 2024.
  • Ashwin's journey to reclaim the top spot began when he initially achieved No. 1 ranking in ICC Test Rankings in November 2015.